Leaders in Transformation: Cheryl Bear


Dr Cheryl Bear is an award winning First Nations recording artist and conference speaker.  She has three cd’s, the self titled Cheryl Bear album, The Good Road and just released A’ BA in January 2012.

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Arts from Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, plus a Master’s degree (Mdiv) from Regent College, Vancouver, BC. In 2009, Cheryl Bear earned a Doctorate of Ministry from The King’s University in Los Angeles.

She is married to Randy Barnetson who serves as the Pastor at Vancouver Foursquare Church in the down-town eastside area of Vancouver and as an Evangelist telling the Good News about Jesus Christ.  Cheryl and Randy have six sons and five grandchildren.

Their goal is as significant as it is audacious, to visit every one of the 1000 First Nations communities, reservations, reserves and settlements in the USA and Canada. So far, they have been to over 600 with many accessible only by small aircraft.  They also take teams of First Nations Christian drummers and dancers to other countries around the world on short term missions trips sharing the Gospel through Native cultural songs and dances and have been to 35 nations so far. These teams are very effective, especially in Muslim nations.

2 thoughts on “Leaders in Transformation: Cheryl Bear

  1. Hi John. Great writing and informative video. Sounds like good things happening with Street-level. We like your involvement in pushing this ministry. So much good to do – and you guys are at ground level. Hb

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